Thursday, August 27, 2015

Corn, Corn, and More Corn!!

This is too funny!  I'm surfing around the web because I can't get motivated to go get something to eat (I have to stop doing those late lunches...) and I find this:

16 Amazing Recipes for Grilled Corn:

1. Mexican:  smothered in sour cream, mayo, Parmesan and chili powder
2. Grilled corn fritters
3. Grilled corn salad
4. Grilled cheddar-bacon corn on the cob
5. Grilled corn mango salsa
6. Manchego grilled cheese sandwiches with corn, jalapenos and chili butter
7. Grilled corn and potato chowder
8. Black bean lettuce wraps with grilled corn
9. Corn on the cob - 3 ways: Mexican, curried, and honey butter
10. Grilled corn and poblano chili queso (dip)
11. Grilled corn with Sriracha scallion butter
12. Bean burgers with grilled corn and pesto
13. Cheesy roasyed corn on the cob
14. Grilled corn and avocado salad
15. Grilled corn on the cob with cilantro pesto
16. Spicy Asian grilled corn on the cob

Here's the link to all the recipes!!  Get shuckin'!!!!

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